Not only did we find your shared insight extremely thought-provoking, but you also provided an extremely safe space in which we could be ourselves, examine our own biases.

M. Harrison
After 28 years in this profession I know a good speaker. And Judy is good. I leave her sessions feeling revitalized and capable of anything.
E. Langston
If you have the chance to procure Judy to speak, go for it…and be sure to keep her for a whole day! She’s that good.
Patty S.

Judy, I simply love the direct way you present anything you are speaking about, but also I learned a lot more than I ever thought I would. And I learned it in a very fun manner.

S. Atwell

Judy is a phenomenal presenter. She is specific and expansive with her messaging and clearly knows the legal environment, which is a vital component for a successful session.

A. Blanton

I am impressed with your ability to tie in other speakers that morning and the culture of our organization into your presentation.

JoAnn S.

Powerful, impactful session by a consummate professional. One of the best sessions I attended at conference.

She was exceptional. She had the perfect combination of humor, seriousness and elevated learning. The session went by way too fast. She left me wanting her to continue teaching us more. She invited us to raise our bar and showed us how to do it.

Judy NAILED it! With the shortest amount of time to prepare, she spoke with experience and from the heart and captured everyone’s attention. She did an outstanding job. What a way to represent ALA, when our very own member has illustrated her profession

You have been one of the “forces for good” that I have experienced in the legal community.  While I may be borrowing one of your taglines, I have really appreciated all that you brought to ALA.  Your presentations are outstanding…standing in for Elizabeth Birch from the Human Rights Campaign…simply Wow! And you are able to support the business side of managing a law firm, support individual personal development needs, and support DEI efforts.  You are such an important part of this group!

M. Piilola